About Us

Experience Creative Natural Landscape

Sanjay Shyamanur

Sanjay Shyamanur, Chairman is a naturalist, person of intellectual honesty and he not just sticks to rules and regulations but also drives the company towards good practice and governance.

Dr. Ganesh Babu

Dr Ganesh Babu, Director is a expert in native plants. He brings together his deep understanding of botany and soil science with a love of design. He will make sure that your yard is a beautiful and usable space.

A. Shanta Manohar

Shanta Manohar, CEO is a Environmental (terrestrial and aquatics) expert. He will go over what needs to be filled and make sure that all your garden is installed with your lifestyle in mind.

Vivek B.R

Vivek BR our Project Manager who is educated in the field of landscaping and an expert in landscape planning and design.


Subramanya is our Business Co-ordinator and customer representative at our head office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my landscape?

The only people who have expertise on natural ecosystems. They will transform your landscape into aesthetically functional gardens.

Credentials of my service provider?

Over 125 man years of experiences in creating natural, functional ecosystems across various bio-geographical regions of India. Also consulting agency for various international projects.

What kind of landscaping we look for?
We look for minimum of 5000 sft. for a viable project.
We offer thematical, aesthetic and functional ecosystems namely
Prakruti Vana
Sanjjevani Vana
Pavithra Vana
Rashi Vana
Nakshatra Vana
Saurabha Vana (Garden of aroma)
Surabha Vana (Garden for Walkers)
Akasha Vana (Roof Top Forests)
What are all the benefits we expect from functional gardens?
Bringing positive energy to whole living environment!
Pleasing and soothing environment for abundance of life!
Spiritual experiences at door step!
Satisfaction of giving back to Mother Nature!
Contribution towards the conservation of Nature!